Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Volume of Our Actions

There are new year's resolutions, personal sacrifices made for religious purposes, and vows to turn over a new leaf....most of them don't work! Indeed, we see those who have endorsed a diet gaining back the weight and repeat rehabilitation stays for those inflicted with addiction. Can it be said that the human condition is vulnerable to imperfection?

Why do we spend our time trying to convince others that we are perfect?

No one is perfect!

Too often, we choose to seek the faults in others and exploit them. We want to position ourselves as superior to gain leverage. When we have leverage, we can command respect. Then people will be forced to listen to us. Not really.

In truth, we have a desire to work hard, achieve, and to be rewarded.

What gets in the way?

Actions Speak Louder Than Words!
Trust is important in business. The best way to become untrusted is to prove your actions do not support your words. There are those who talk a lot and do very little. There are others who speak very little and perform without expectation of public accolade.

We cannot be who we are not....

Put accelerated effort into the areas in which you possess your greatest skill. It could be that you are naturally gifted or maybe you have a passion for a certain line of work. When passion and hard work come have found your genuine purpose.

The Act of Desperation...
The flip side of following your strengths is miscasting your line. When one misrepresents their skill set in the spirit of advancement it creates transparent insecurity. It never ends well.

Our choices define us. Our actions are driven by the authenticity of our choices.

Are you doing something because you would not want to live any other way or are you out of options?

You Won't Question The Things You Value
We can all fake it for a while. We can all try something for the sake of a new challenge. We can fool some people some of the time. Eventually, we all encounter that person in the mirror.

It's hard to be engaged if you are faking it. It's human to admit you are forcing yourself to accept an undocumented truth. When your spirit fades, it becomes evident. At some point you have to reevaluate.

You should challenge yourself every day....not to pretend you know how to do your job, but to do it better than anyone ever has.

You should find the things that matter to you most....and let the love you feel for those things drive your decision making.

You should be great at what you do...because your life would be incomplete without the purpose you derive from your work....because others would be disappointed to see your purpose disappear.

Don't Forget to Remember!


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