Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We go through phases in our lives when we are genuinely engaged or completely despondent; on each side of the spectrum. We get incredibly excited, fail and then throw up our hands. Then we are re-inspired by a person, job or environment that reminds us to Believe again.

Just yesterday after a long strategy session I was hit by a realization:
I wish I didn't Care so much...I wish I could let go...

The thought being that I am continually furrowing my brow, looking down at the ground, while the answers are flying over my head. I have to put myself in check at times and ask how much certain professional hurdles will matter a year from now? How much I am appreciating all the good fortune that I have? That sooner rather than later all of the beautiful things around me will have passed.

There are those who find God at the low point in their lives
There are those who find Divine purpose in a cause
There are those whose belief in humanity is revived in the movie house
There are those who remember they can do anything by watching their favorite team

What do you need to get back to the point of belief?

Some of my favorite times were spent at a bar on a random afternoon. All of our friends happened upon the place. This before cell phones - so we got together by word of mouth and celebrated life! Smiling faces, jokes, stories told, hugs and good tiding for where the night (and our lives) might take us. A fleeting moment in the afternoon sun...when all was right with the world.

These things sometimes fall into place but somebody spread the word, somebody started the conversation and someone bought the drinks. This revealing that the true meaning of leadership can often exist in bringing people together and creating a welcoming environment. That the ambiance can come before the brass tact conversation. That you can give people something to believe in and they will do more than expected to be a part of it.

Find something to believe in, make it your mission and carry it out!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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