Friday, May 1, 2015

3 Keys to Inspired Performance

The terminology Employee Engagement has been over-used to the point that the inspiration behind the phrase has become a commodity. All those stupid studies that say only 10% of the workforce are engaged are total bullshit!

Really.... 1 in 10 people enjoy their job?
Really.... 9 out of 10 people would rather work somewhere else?

Give me a break!

I've been a blogger (for better and for worse) in the Human space for 8 years. There are a lot of people I thoroughly respect as HR Bloggers because they ignore convention and reflect the reality of the work experience... for each of the aforementioned thought leaders there are a million hacks that pretend to be smart while simply trying to sell a product.

Here's how to become a HACK blogger in 3 simple steps:
1. Site a survey or study.
2. Correlate said study to the product you sell.
3. Provide a banner ad to your product at the entry's conclusion.


You Deserve Better!

In actuality, there are tons of people who love their jobs, these are the same people who complain about their jobs at happy hour. The thing surveys and focus groups do not take into account is contradiction. Across the scope of any given day all humans will love and hate their place of employment. Humans are predictably irrational.

But we want the data... we want to put you all in a bucket to confirm that the way we have always done it is still working. What we don't want to admit is that we are wrong and if we don't change soon, we'll be out of business.

So let's scrap the term Employee Engagement, talk about what inspires us and admit that we're cool with our current job!

Your Relationship With Your Manager!
The purpose of the Manager is to improve their employees chance for organizational advancement. If your Manager feels different, hang in there! He or She will be unemployed before you will.

~ Executives are looking past Managers into their workforce for trend development.
~ Social applications are denying incompetent Managers the ability to protect their talent.
~ There is far greater evaluation of Manager performance than there is Employee performance as I write this post.

The Value Of Your Work!
Less than rewards, opportunity for advancement or even money; we want to know that the work we are doing means something.

Here's What We Want to Hear:
1. I'm going to take a chance on you.... don't make me regret it!
2. I wish everyone cared as much as you do!
3. We've got another team that could really use you!
4. The new girl in sales thinks you're cute!

Here's What We Don't Want to Hear:
1, ...because that's the way we've always done it.
2. You need to stay in your lane and stop caring so much.
3. I'm concerned about your direction and mine is the only opinion that matters.
4. The new girl in sales thinks you're creepy!

Run On The Highway
You should be willing to interact with anyone, anywhere and your organization should support your motivation!

If your Manager tells you to stick to your core function, he/she is incompetent, not you!

If your Manager uses the word "I" more than "We", they are covering their irrelevant ass!

If you are discouraged to represent your brand, your company hates you, and you should part ways.

Don't Forget To Remember!


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